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Photo: Rohde Nielsen
Photo: Rohde Nielsen

The vital marine projects industry continues to expand worldwide, as evidenced by the latest developments related to dredging, land reclamation, and port and offshore construction works we have been covering via our regular news stories. We have also been seeing new vessels entering service to perform a multitude of roles in a range of environments, from the inland and coastal waterways of North America to the more open port waters of Africa and Western Europe.

Dredging and Land Reclamation • Maritime Infrastructure Development • Installation and Decommissioning • Maritime Surveying • Port Development • Offshore Wind Farm Development

This industry is not short on innovation, as many of these highly capable vessels continue to demonstrate. Some have alternative propulsion technologies to reduce environmental impact whereas others boast high levels of automation, allowing more projects to be completed without significantly increasing the numbers of deployed crews.

Readers of Baird Maritime can rest assured that the marine projects industry, especially the vessels and technology that comprise that industry, will continue to be regularly featured on these pages.

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– "To receive a similar 'change of control' bonus in 2023 for merging the two companies would be egregious, and it is exactly the sort of corporate governance that we have criticised in the past."

– by Hieronymus Bosch, Baird Maritime's anonymous insider in the world of offshore oil and gas operations

– "Gulf and Red Sea owners of landing craft report that they are completely sold out of vessels as the Saudi government tries to fast track construction in an area largely bereft of existing infrastructure and facilities."

– by Hieronymus Bosch, Baird Maritime's anonymous insider in the world of offshore oil and gas operations

– "Its purpose is to deliver sediment to coastlines to protect the land in a sustainable manner."

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