AUSMARINE AWARDS 2019 | Best Patrol Boat – HDPE patrol RHIB demonstrator – PFG Group

AUSMARINE AWARDS 2019 | Best Patrol Boat – HDPE patrol RHIB demonstrator – PFG Group

A practical, safe, comfortable and durable RIB-style work and patrol boat showcases the benefits of HDPE construction and good design. We are likely to see many of these impressive boats on our waterways before long.

"PFG has evolved its design and manufacturing process over 25 years and 100 plus Aquatrucks to deliver a unique vessel," PFG Group's Robert Inches told Ausmarine.

"It is the on water performance characteristics that make this Aquatruck particularly special.  Turns at full speed are tight and the outgoing speed exceptional.

"The vessel has also been designed to plough through oncoming waves, rather than bounce over them. This reduces elevated pitch and makes the ride much flatter and faster.  The finish of the vessel is such that it is equally suited to high-speed pursuits as it is for the transfer of dignatories.

"Combine with all the usual hallmarks of any Aquatruck such as its four to five times longer life span, virtually maintenance free with no corrosion, and positive buoyancy which contributes to a more stable vessel with reduced risk of capsize or rollover, and you can start to see why we believe this is a special vessel."

Having completed this demonstration vessel and completed contracts with a key public safety customer, Aquatruck has won a number of tenders with other public safety agencies which gives it the strongest pipeline it's ever had.  Following a successful showing at Pacific 2019 the company is exploring a number of opportunities with the defence sector as well.

For the future of the patrol boat industry? "We see increasing recognition for the impact high speed vessels have on operators," said Inches.

"This has been an area of interest to us as Aquatruck, courtesy of the vibration absorbing properties of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which has advantages over alternative materials as it significantly reduces the transfer of impact to vessel occupants."

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