AUSMARINE AWARDS 2019 | Best Multi-Purpose Workboat – Indigo – BtB Marine

AUSMARINE AWARDS 2019 | Best Multi-Purpose Workboat – Indigo – BtB Marine


Best Multi-Purpose Workboat – Indigo – BtB Marine

A safe, fast, ultra long range workboat in a small but effective package.

BtB Marine has created a logical vessel to fill a major gap in the workboat market. Using the latest technology, in the form of a large and powerful diesel outboard motor for propulsion, they have “killed a lot of birds with one stone”.

“750ULR’s range and ability to be able to fulfil roles typically only achievable by larger vessels in the past reduces costs and operating expenditure considerably by incorporating the OXE diesel outboard and latest design criteria for commercial operators,” BtB Marine Managing Director Eva Hough told Baird Maritime.

“By integrating the latest technology, BtB Marine was able to design more capability into a much smaller package without compromising operational expenditure or safety.

“BtB Marine always strives to reduce the marine industry’s carbon footprint. This boat with the single engine OXE diesel is a step towards cleaner marine operations by reducing the consumption of fossil fuel. Smaller size is a good start.”

In 2019, BtB Marine was contracted to construct multiple vessels for port use by a single commercial operator. This contract is 55 per cent complete and will carry over into 2020.

BtB Marine also completed a number of contracts for several other companies both in Australia and overseas.

Hough said other large contracts are looking promising for 2020, however are not confirmed as yet.

“With the completion of the first ULR we reached a major milestone in BtB Marine’s history and are very excited about moving forward with the production line of the 750ULR vessel, which we feel will stabilise our typical boat building cycle,” said Hough.

As the construction phase of many oil and gas and windfarm projects throughout Australia and overseas approach completion, BtB Marine feels there are many opportunities for companies to use small multi-role workboat vessels for the ongoing life cycle of their capital investments.

However the roles, and especially costs of the vessels, will be under more scrutiny than ever before, in order for investors to re-coup the maximum on their capital.

“We see the consideration and management of environmental issues as being more important than ever, and feel that small vessels lend themselves to these many and varied roles particularly well, from environmental impact studies before approvals are granted for a project, to the ongoing management and research of the worlds’ natural assets,” said Hough.

“BtB Marine has always worked toward lowering the capex and opex of vessels, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to preparing for the advent of the diesel outboard entering the market.

“The OXE not only reduces operational expenditure on our vessels, but also increases the capabilities of outboard vessels as well as the overall safety of the vessel.”

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