AUSMARINE AWARDS 2019 | Best Helm Seating Supplier – KAB Seating

Hart Marine's Kiwa. Photo: Gary Sissons

Best Helm Seating Supplier – KAB Seating

KAB Seating epitomises the development in the ergonomics and downright comfort in helm and other wheelhouse seating. Once, most fishing and work boat helm seats were little more than planks or, at best, a recycled kitchen chair.

Now, however, with the growing realisation that operator comfort and safety contributes impressively to vessel efficiency, there is a strong demand for high quality helm seating. KAB satisfies that demand admirably.

“KAB Seating has been synonymous with the design and manufacture of reliable, serviceable and cost effective seating solutions in Australia for over 30 years,” the company told Ausmarine.

“All of our products are able to be tailor made to your design requirements as manufacture and assembly is completed in our Australian branches. The customer can option their seat build with a variety or suspension offerings, upper seat configuration, trim finishes, turntables, seat belts, armrests, the list goes on.”

KAB Seating has a comprehensive, company-owned branch network, covering Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Mackay, as well as an extensive distributor network reaching all regions of Australia.

Hart Marine’s Kiwa

With all components able to be purchased individually, the cost of servicing KAB seats is greatly reduced, enabling customers to utilise the seats for many years as opposed to the many “throw away” offerings in the market currently.

KAB has recently released its SCIOX range of seats, which has had extensive testing in some of the most gruelling applications across the globe. Refinements to all assemblies have been carried out to assist with the isolation of vibration and to increase the comfort levels for operators.

SCIOX follows the KAB ideology of modular concept design, allowing the consumer the ability to purchase the seat required for their application, without the cost of unnecessary options from the traditional “one seat fits all” method.

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