Waves of Change

Author: John E. Robinson
Publisher: The Nautical Institute

From Baird Maritime:

This is a new book from the new series and in the new, improved format of the indefatigable Nautical Institute. Their change of style has significantly lifted the already very high standard of the publications of that fine and important institution.

The author is fairly typical of the usual high standard that devourers of Nautical Institute publications have come to expect. He originally worked as a sea-going radio officer. Since then, of course, he has packed much more into his life. This is reflected in his vast knowledge of and enthusiasm for innovative marine electronic systems.

The author takes a very pro-active approach to electronics with a systems approach to development. He promotes a more enthusiastic take-up of new technology by the maritime industry. He believes it must become strongly electronically pro-active in its own best interests.

Ordering Information:

The Nautical Institute
London, United Kingdom

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