Vittoria Shipyard delivers the new diving training ship to Tunisia

Vittoria Shipyard has delivered a new diving training ship to the Tunisian Government, built in just seven months.

The ‘Zarzis A710’ will support diving and security works in air and sea areas of the Mediterranean. The vessel was commissioned by the Tunisian Defence Ministry as part of the Tunisian-Italian cooperation agreement signed in spring 2015.

The ship will be deployed by Tunisian authorities as part of its stabilisation and pacification operation in North Africa and the Mediterranean area. In particular, the vessel will be used to train the students of the Zarzis Diving School.

The ‘Zarzis A710’ is a 36-metre monohull and can carry 12 crew as well as 18 divers. It has a top speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.

The vessel is equipped with a compression chamber and a diving bell that can take divers into the water up to 100 metres deep. The boat will also be equipped with a DP2 positioning system.

“In the past, our shipyard has built and delivered twelve patrol boats to the Tunisian Navy and Coastguard,” said Luigi Duò, president of Vittoria Shipyard.