VESSEL REVIEW | Galata – Multi-purpose workboat for Port of Genoa

A new aluminium multi-purpose working boat, built by Agromare Shipyard based in Salerno, Italy, was delivered to the Gruppo Antichi Ormeggiatori of the Port of Genoa.

The boat was christened Galata after the famous tower built by the Genoese at Constantinople in 1348. Her length is of 16.00 metres with a beam of 4.20 metres.

The propulsion package is based on a pair of MAN D 2866 LXE 40 engines, rated at 258kW each, driving fixed propellers that allow for a maximum speed of 18 knots. Manoeuvrability is assisted by a bow-thruster.

The vessel can load up to 15 tonnes of goods on deck, carry dangerous goods, and is fitted for towing operations with a bollard pull of five tonnes. Galata is equipped with an electric winch powered by a diesel generator of 30kW.

Electronics on-board are comprehensive, and include gear for research and monitoring services.

“Our goal”, said the owners, “was to have a multi purpose working boat intended not only to assist the ships during the mooring operations, but intended also to dedicated towing operations and, very important, to research and monitoring services along the Liguria coast”.

This mainly means the sampling of coastal waters. For this duty, the boat is equipped with lifting/lowering gear for the sampling equipment. Galata can carry up to 12 technicians for this work, with enough accommodation for them and the crew.

Type of vessel:Multi-purpose workboat
Homeport:Genova, Italy
Owner:Gruppo Antichi Ormeggiatori, Italy
Length:16 metres
Beam:4.2 metres
Construction material:Aluminium
Main engines:2 x MAN D 2866 LXE 40, each 258kW
Maximum speed:18 knots
Bow thruster:1
Bollard pull:5 tonnes
Deck capacity:15 tonnes
Deck machinery:Electric winch w/ 30kW generator