VESSEL REVIEW | Zhongguo Yingji Chongqing Hao – Large salvage and rescue vessel for China’s inland waters

Photo: China Classification Society

Chinese emergency response organisation Chongqing Changhang Rescue and Salvage Engineering has taken delivery of a new salvage and rescue vessel optimised for inland waters.

The aptly named Zhongguo Yingji Chongqing Hao (“China Emergency Chongqing”) has an LOA of 59.9 metres, a moulded beam of 13 metres, a depth of 3.9 metres, and a displacement of 1,052 tonnes at full load. A total installed power of 2,982 kW delivers a speed of just under 12 knots and a range of 1,000 kilometres.

Photo: China Classification Society

The vessel will take on salvage, search and rescue (SAR), evacuation, towing, and disaster response missions in the Three Gorges Reservoir area and the upper portions of the Yangtze River. Due to its significant carrying capacity, it may also be used to transport disaster relief materiel in support of the response operations of local agencies.

The array of onboard equipment includes a multi-beam echosounder, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and an underwater 4D imaging sensor. Diving operations can be performed at depths of as much as 120 metres while salvaging is possible even on shipwrecks or other submerged objects weighing around 1,000 tonnes.

Construction on Zhongguo Yingji Chongqing Hao was done in compliance to China Classification Society rules.

Zhongguo Yingji Chongqing Hao
Type of vessel:Salvage and rescue vessel
Classification:China Classification Society
Owner:Chongqing Changhang Rescue and Salvage Engineering, China
Length overall:59.9 metres
Beam:13 metres
Depth:3.9 metres
Displacement:1,052 tonnes
Main engine:2,982 kW
Maximum speed:12 knots
Range:1,000 kilometres
Other electronics:4D imaging sensor
Operational area:Chongqing, China

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