VESSEL REVIEW | Zhen Gang Tuo 6001 – Powerful inland tug to serve China’s Zhenjiang Port

Photo: Jiangzu Zhenjiang Shipyard

Chinese operator the Zhenjiang Port Group has taken delivery of a new ASD harbour tug optimised for assisting large ocean-going ships sailing in inland waters, particularly the stretch of the famed Yangtze River that passes through Jiangsu province.

Designed and built by Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard over a period of 12 months, Zhen Gang Tuo 6001 has an LOA of 40.15 metres, a beam of 11 metres, a depth of 5.3 metres, and a design draught of 4.1 metres. The builder claims the total installed power of 4,420 kW makes the vessel the most powerful harbour tug currently in operation in China’s inland waters. The installed power of the two main engines also enables the tug to achieve a free running speed of 14.05 knots, a bollard pull ahead of 73.9 tonnes, and a bollard pull astern of 66.2 tonnes. These then ensure the tug can easily assist both ocean-going and river-sea vessels of 100,000 tonnes displacement or greater.

The fuel capacity will meanwhile enables Zhen Gang Tuo 6001 to make multiple trips back and forth along the Yangtze before requiring bunkering. Jiangsu Zhenjiang said that a total distance equivalent to approximately 700 nautical miles can be covered in between refuelings.

The tug was designed to be an intelligent vessel with a digital integrated management platform. This key feature has multiple functions to enable the crew to monitor onboard systems, manage energy efficiency levels and electrical consumption, reduce emissions, and even assess the vibrations that are generated during regular operations, all through a single interface that can be accessed via a dedicated display in the wheelhouse. This interface also provides the crew with data such as routes and sailing times to ensure safe navigation even in busy port waters.

The integrated management platform is linked to a variety of onboard sensors. Among these are five panoramic cameras installed on the bow to assist the crew in detecting, tracking, and avoiding obstacles within the immediate vicinity while the tug is underway.

The vessel also has accommodations for six crewmembers working in shifts. Aside from the cabins, there is a conference room with television.

Zhen Gang Tuo 6001’s duties at Zhenjiang Port include berthing/unberthing assistance, towing, and search and rescue.

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Zhen Gang Tuo 6001
Type of vessel:Harbour tug
Owner:Zhenjiang Port Group, China
Designer:Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard, China
Builder:Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard, China
Length overall:40.15 metres
Beam:11 metres
Draught:4.1 metres
Depth:5.3 metres
Main engines:2 x 2,210 kW
Maximum speed:14.05 knots
Bollard pull:73.9 tonnes
Other electronics:Digital integrated management platform
Accommodation:Cabins; conference room
Operational area:Yangtze River, China

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