Sanmar delivers Svitzer Meridian

Sanmar has delivered the third version of its new Robert Allan Ltd-designed series of tractor tugs.

The new vessel, planned for deployment in London with the name Svitzer Meridian, has a full FiFi1 notation powered by a dedicated Cat C32 diesel engine and has been built to meet Svitzer’s so-called “LNG Philosophy” which involves extra crew protection measures in the event of the presence of LNG originating from an LNG tanker or terminal.

Svitzer Meridian measures 25.3 by 12 metres and has a bollard pull of 70 tonnes. There is accommodation for six persons as well as an LNG detection system to protect the crew and facilitate operational shut down upon the decision of the master in the presence of LNG.

In case of an LNG warning, it will be possible to close the ventilation fire dampers to protect the interior against LNG ingress and recirculate the air.

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