One killed after tug collides with LPG carrier in Suez Canal

One killed after tug collides with LPG carrier in Suez Canal

Salvors raise the wreckage of the tug Fahd from the bottom of the Suez Canal, August 8, 2023. The tug sank following a collision with the LPG carrier ChinaGas Legend three days prior in an incident that also claimed the life of one crewmember on the tug. (Photo: Suez Canal Authority)

Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority (SCA) reports that one person was killed after the tug on which he was a crewmember sank as a result of a collision with another vessel in the Suez Canal on Saturday, August 5.

The incident occurred when the Hong Kong-flagged LPG carrier ChinaGas Legend collided with the smaller tug Fahd near the canal’s 51-kilometre point at around 14:30 local time on Saturday.

The impact left a hull breach on the tug, causing its subsequent sinking.

Search and rescue teams pulled six of the tug’s crew out of the water and brought them to hospital. Five crewmembers have since been discharged while the sixth remains under observation.

The chief engineer was initially reported missing but was later found deceased within the sunken vessel by divers contracted by the SCA.

Officials believe the victim had become trapped in one of the cabins as the tug took on water and eventually sank.

The LPG carrier’s AIS track showed it continued its northbound voyage after the collision and then stopped at Port Said following its exit from the canal.

Salvage operations commenced immediately following the recovery of the body of the chief engineer.

The SCA said the wreckage of the tug was raised from the bottom of the canal on Tuesday, August 8. Salvors successfully completed the recovery effort despite the prevailing strong currents.

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