Extension completed on Düzgit’s multi-purpose tug

Salim Düzgit following the lengthening of its hull (Photo: RAL)

A tug operated by Turkey’s Düzgit Group has completed undergoing a modification program that saw its hull being extended to accommodate a larger working deck.

Originally delivered to Düzgit in 2019 by local builder Sanmar, the Robert Allan Ltd (RAL) designed, 19-metre multi-purpose tug Salim Düzgit is now 24.7 metres long and has a working deck area of 82 square metres.

The vessel, which is designed to perform light towing, anchor handling, crew transfer, and construction support, initially had a working deck area of 55 square metres.

All other vessel dimensions remain unchanged.

The work to extend the hull was carried out by Sanmar. This involved cutting the tug amidships and installing a new hull section in the middle.

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