Giano in operation in Naples

After four years of research and development, the first tug of its class is now under test in Italy at the Gruppo Rimorchiatori Napoletani. Built by Chinese shipbuilder Guangdong Bonny Fair Heavy Industry, the 25.75-metre Giano is powered by twin 1,678kW diesels engines developing a total power of 3,356kW at 1,800rpm.

The tug, which takes its name from the ancient Roman god with two faces, has a beam of 13.02 metres and a depth of 5.30 metres.

A Schottel SRP-3000 azimuthing drive, with a controllable pitch propeller, is mounted in a straight line at each end, with the tunnel hull specifically designed to eliminate propeller interference. With intuitive in-line handling controls, the tug can produce 55 tonnes (70 tonnes) of bollard thrust and pull in all directions at full power with true 360-degree maneuverability, while maintaining a zero-degree list – plus a side-stepping speed of 7.0 knots – from full ahead to full speed sideways in 10 seconds.

Dr Ugo Savona, salvage master and chief designer of Giano, said at a press conference held in Naples that the design has the highest stability numbers of any escort tug afloat, not only in its own 24-metre compact class, but also compared with the 32-metre escort terminal class. He also claimed that it works equally well from the bow or stern.

“The technical and operational characteristics, together with low cost, make Giano a valid alternative to the use of omnidirectional units, ensuring, at the same time, high safety level in the most critical maneuvering operations,” Gianni Andrea De Domenico, CEO of Gruppo Rimorchiatori Napoletani, said.

“In the four–month period of simulation and direct employment in the port of Naples RN operators have recorded positive responses. In early June, at the end of the trial period, a technical paper will be realesed. Results will be announced and discussed at a press conference organised in Naples,” he concluded.

Giovanni Grande

Alex Baird

Alex Baird is the Managing Director of Baird Maritime