Steering to Glory – A Day in the Life of a Ship of the Line

Author: Nicholas Blake
Publisher: Chatham Publishing
Published: 2006

From Baird Maritime:

Two centuries on from the Battle of Trafalgar many are still fascinated by that action and the atmosphere that surrounded it.

The author invented a fictitious ship, the 'Splendid', and drawing on the masses of published and unpublished material recreates the atmosphere of life aboard a typical "Ship of the Line" during the decade following Trafalgar.

He has researched the subject in enormous detail. So much so, in fact, that fully a third of the book's 288 pages are taken up with appendices, notes and index.

A different and original approach but an unusually successful one.

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Chatham Publishing
London, United Kingdom
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Abingdon, United Kingdom
PH: +44 1235 400 400
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