Singapore firm modifies rescue USV for ship-to-ship cargo transport work

Photo: Zycraft

Singapore-based unmanned systems company Zycraft has introduced a new series of unmanned surface vessel (USV) optimised for carrying increased payloads.

The vessel is a variant of the company’s Dolphin one-metre rescue USV that has been modified to carry a payload module capable of accommodating cargo of up to 10 kilograms.

The vessel could operate for up to 30 minutes before its batteries require recharging. It could be controlled via radio within a 500-metre radius of a shore station or a vessel of opportunity, though the payload module may be fitted with 4G and LTE systems that could help slightly extend the command radius.

Zycraft said the new USV will be used primarily to transfer cargo between ships that could not manoeuvre close together due to weather or security reasons.

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