Japanese firm unveils autonomous vessel designed for transporting offshore wind batteries

Photo: PowerX

Japanese technology company PowerX has unveiled the first images of a new autonomous trimaran vessel that will be tasked with transporting batteries from offshore wind farms to shore-based end users.

The prototype, which will be named Power ARK 100, will have an LOA of 100.5 metres, a beam of 21.9 metres, a draught of five metres, and capacity for 100 grid batteries that store electricity generated by offshore wind. The maximum battery payload will have a total power of 200 MWh, which PowerX said is equivalent to the combined daily electricity consumption of 22,000 Japanese households.

The trimaran itself will also feature battery propulsion that will enable it to reach a cruising speed of seven knots and a maximum speed of 14 knots. A range of 300 kilometres is possible as well.

The craft’s electronics suite will include radar, sonar, LIDAR, AIS, and sensors for autonomous navigation and collision avoidance.

Power ARK 100 is being developed as an alternative power transfer method that boasts lower costs and reduced environmental impact compared to undersea cables.

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