VESSEL REVIEW | Baía Farta – 74-metre fisheries research vessel for Angola

Damen Shipyards Galati has delivered the 74-metre fishery research vessel Baía Farta to the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries. Based on a design by Skipsteknisk, the vessel was further refined by Damen in consultation with the owner.

With a 1,600 km Atlantic coastline, the development of the domestic fishing industry is a priority of the Angolan government and it currently employs over 100,000 people in both commercial and artisanal fishing.

The Baía Farta is equipped for the full range of fisheries research and assessment activities including hydrographic operations, acoustics research, pelagic and demersal trawling, plankton, water, environmental and geographical sampling, oil recovery and emergency towage operations.

To maximise her effectiveness in her role, the Baía Farta has been built to Silent-A/F/R Class notation standards. Every care has been taken in her design, construction and outfitting to minimise underwater noise as well as onboard internal acoustic noise and vibration.

The rigidity of foundations and supports for all potentially noise and vibration-generating components and systems was thoroughly checked to ensure that they complied with the Silent notation.

Baía Farta’s main drive comprises two AC electric motors in tandem, with a maximum output of 1,650 kW at 180 rpm each. The propeller is a fixed pitch, 3,600mm model in extreme low noise configuration.

Speed at 90 per cent MCR is 15.0 knots, with a 9,000-nautical mile range, which equates to approximately 29 days at 13 knots. Her bollard pull is 30 tonnes.

Manoeuvrability is aided by a pair of bow thrusters – one 700kW FPP retractable type and one 600kW CPP tunnel type, each with e-motor – as well as a 400kW CPP tunnel stern thruster.

The deck equipment is comprehensive, and includes three deck cranes, two A-frames and a six-tonne CTD retractable beam in a hanger.

Due to the wide variety of duties the boat will perform, she is equipped with 12 winches, comprising two split trawl winches, two Gilson winches, four net drum winches, a net sounding winch, CTD winch, hydrographical winch and a general purpose winch.


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Baia Farta
Type of vessel: Research vessel
Classification: DNV-GL
Class: +1A1- E(0) – SPS – COMF V(2) C(1) – SILENT-A/F/R – Dynamic Position DPS2
Owner: Ministry of Fisheries, Angola
Basic design: Skipsteknisk, Norway
Other design: Damen Shipyards, Netherlands
Builder: Damen Shipyards Galati, Romania
Length overall: 74.10 metres
Beam overall: 16.40 metres
Depth: 8.70 metres
Draught, design: 5.30 metres
Main drive:” 2 x AC electric motors, each 1,650 kW @ 180 rpm
Propulsion: FPP 3600mm propeller
Bow thrusters:

FPP retractable, 700 kW;

CPP tunnel, 600 kW

Stern thruster: CPP tunnel, 400 kW

2 x 1,710 kW/690V;

1,140 kW/690V

Emergency genset: Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT, 125 kW
Speed: 15.0 knots
Bollard pull: 30.0 tonnes
Range: 9,000 nm
Keel: 2 x retractable lowering scientific transducers.
Split beam echo sounder: Simrad EK80
Multi beam echo sounder: Simrad MS70
Omni directional sounder: Simrad SU90
Trawl monitoring system: Simrad PI and FX80
Bottom sounder: Kongsberg EA640 12/200 kHz
Deepwater multi beam echo sounder: Kongsberg EM122 1×2 degree
Acoustic positioning system: Kongsberg HiPAP 501 system
GeoAcoustic system: Kongsberg GeoPulse Plus
Thermosalinograph: Seabird SBE21
CTD and Rosette sampler: Seabird SBE911 and SBE32 (24 bottle of 10L)
ROV: Saab Seaeye Leopard
Deck cranes: 8t/15m; 1.5t/8m; 2.5t/6m
A-frames: 25t; 10t
CTD retractable beam: 6t in hangar
Split trawl winches: 2 x 30t, 5,000 m wire
Gilson winches: 2 x 12t, 290m wire
Net drum winches:



2 x 10m3

Net sounding winch: 5.6t, 4,700 m wire
CTD winch: 6t, 6,000 m wire
Hydrograph winch: 4t, 2,000 m wire
Fuel oil capacity: 430m3
Fresh water capacity: 120m3
Stability tank: Controlled passive Hoppe system
Accommodation: 51 (29 crew and 22 scientists)

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