Plastic-fueled vessel to sail around the world in 2020

Image: Plastic Odyssey
Image: Plastic Odyssey

A catamaran that will be powered by plastic waste is scheduled to begin operational sailing via an around-the-world voyage set for 2020.

Under the Plastic Odyssey project started by French seafarer Simon Bernard, the 25-metre prototype vessel will run on liquid fuel produced by the heating of plastic waste to temperatures approaching 400 degrees Celsius without oxygen. The project will focus on using plastic that cannot be recycled.

The catamaran will have an onboard pyrolysis unit with a rated capacity of 40 litres of fuel per hour. The plastic that will be placed in the unit for conversion into fuel will be collected in port.

A team of 20 vessel crewmembers, scientists, engineers, film production staff, and media representatives will take the vessel on a promotional voyage covering Asia, Africa, and South America as part of a three-year programme.

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