Indonesian research lab orders wave generator systems

Indonesian Hydrodynamic Laboratory (IHL), an advanced research laboratory of Indonesia’s BPPT (the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology), has awarded a new contract to install two wave generator systems.

IHL has sophisticated facilities, including experimental tanks, for testing many types of ocean vessels. The laboratory conducts research and development of propulsive, seakeeping and manoeuvring performances of ships and offshore structures of all types. Delivery of the new systems will be at end of this year, from Bosch Rexroth.

While the existing basin will remain, the old hydraulic machinery will be replaced with the new wave generators. The new system is a multi-directional wave generator, with moveable flaps operated by AC servo drives. Installation will be carried out by a local contractor. 

“In addition to replacing the old system, the existing basin is being split into two parts,” said Corino Corver from Bosch Rexroth. “One half will provide a wave generator for deep water (offshore), while the other can be used for shallow water applications. The new systems need to fit the existing environment, which involves making adaptations to the existing foundations to support the new installation. These are being handled by a local contractor, and we are providing drawings and reaction force data to help ensure correct implementation.”

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