Seventeen missing after cargo ship sinks off Sulawesi, Indonesia

 Image; Basarnas
Image; Basarnas
Image: Basarnas
Image: Basarnas

A total of 17 people have been reported as missing after a cargo ship sank off the east coast of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, on Saturday, June 1.

The incident occurred at around 16:30 local time when the 80-metre-long Lintas Timur sank after suffering an engine failure. The vessel was transporting cement from Bintung to Morowali at the time.

Large waves caused by the worsening weather reportedly overwhelmed the cargo ship and caused it to sink.

Of the vessel's 18 crewmembers, only one has been rescued so far.

Another vessel passing through the area found the lone survivor wearing a life jacket and floating at sea three days after the sinking. He has since been brought to shore to receive medical attention for leg injuries caused by jellyfish stings.

The survivor said that three of his fellow crewmembers had drowned following the sinking.

A spokeswoman from Indonesia's Basarnas search and rescue (SAR) agency said they will continue combing the area for any trace of the 17 missing crewmembers until June 8.

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