New ambulance boat design from Stem Marine


Stem Marine's latest project is the design of a new ambulance vessel, a twelve-metre cabin boat made of fibreglass and Kevlar composite.

The design is equipped with patent-pending shock absorbing stretcher-support specifically for use on high-speed ambulance boats. The system is suitable for roll-in or basket type stretchers, and absorbs the shocks that the patient, main medical devices and doctor seat are subject to. It is also possible to lock the suspension to perform CPR at any time.

The boat includes special equipment for medical rescue and resuscitation as well as a folding loading ramp to load roll-in stretchers. The medical area for patient treatment is separated from the cabin.

Perimeter protection consists of a large, foam filled, high energy-absorption fender that protects the boat from shocks while approaching other boats or quay.

The basic propulsion package comprises two FPT 425kW engines with ZF gearboxes and Hamilton HJ 292 waterjets.

Advanced control systems allow the boat to control and manoeuvre in any situation, in extreme comfort.

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