Cattle carrier rescues two castaways from shark-infested waters in Darwin Harbour

Image: Flett
Ganado Express

The crew of a Singaporean-flagged live export ship rescued a father and son drifting in the waters of Australia’s Darwin Harbour after their four-metre catamaran capsized and broke apart on the morning of Saturday, May 11.

At 08:00 local time the following day, the crew of Ganado Express found the father, 49, and son, 15, clinging onto what was left of their vessel so that they could stay afloat in waters known to be infested with sharks and crocodiles.

Despite having spent several hours adrift in the dangerous waters, the survivors were brought aboard the cattle carrier unharmed.

The pair were initially reported by family members as missing on the night of May 11. Local marine police units equipped with night vision cameras had spent the whole evening of Saturday combing the area for the missing vessel.

Rough seas are believed to have caused the catamaran to capsize.

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