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Canadian Victoria Marine Rescue Society (VMRS) plans to establish a new home, construct an all-electric rescue vessel, and more with the help of a five-year $100,000 sponsorship from global shipbuilding software developer SSI.

Victoria Marine Rescue Society (VMRS) is a volunteer organization behind Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 35, based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. VMRS has completed successful responses to hundreds of calls in the past five years.

Just this past month, as RCMSR – Station 35 wrapped up training for the night, a mayday call came in from an adrift windsurfer. The rescue crew was able to get the individual warm, safe, and back ashore to his family within minutes. The extensive training and preparedness of the team is made possible thanks to VMRS’s ongoing work.

VMRS have big plans to improve the excellent service they have been providing for more than 10 years. The main goal for VMRS right now is to upgrade facilities to a new home near Ogden Point in Victoria. They also plan to construct an all-electric rescue vessel, train more people to be available for rescue, and recruit more back-office volunteers.

Like all volunteer-run marine rescue services, funding is always a challenge for VMRS. Global shipbuilding solutions developer SSI recognizes the importance of maintaining a top-class local emergency search and rescue service that keeps local waters safe, agreeing to a five-year $100,000 sponsorship deal extending through to 2026.

“It is fantastic to have the support of a company like SSI, especially when they are local to Victoria.” said Alan Lawrence, Treasurer at VMRS. “SSI’s support brings us closer to achieving our goals and boosts our readiness to tackle any rescue situation in our waters.”

“For over 30 years, ships built with our solutions have been put in-service all over the world, as well as here in Victoria.” said Darren Larkins, SSI co-CEO. “I’m proud that we are able to partner with a local organization committed to keeping our marine community safe, including for those onboard vessels we’ve played a part in.”

“A critical part of our organization’s culture is about being purposeful in how we innovate and approach problems.” said Denis Morais, SSI co-CEO. “We see that same spirit in VMRS, and today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to build on our company’s spirit in the local community.”

SSI will collaborate with VMRS to help make the sea a safer place to be. The contributions of $20,000 annually for five years represent a long-term commitment to supporting VMRS. The rescue organization’s fundraising efforts within the local community give the non-profit more opportunities to save lives.

Donations to VMRS can be made by visiting: Donate | VMRS

For more information on SSI visit:


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