Abeking and Rasmussen to build emergency response vessel pair for Germany’s WSV

Photo: Rolls-Royce

German shipbuilder Abeking and Rasmussen has been selected to build two emergency response vessels in a series for the country’s Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes; WSV).

The 95-metre vessels will be deployed on the North and Baltic Seas to deal with accidents, fires, or disabled vessels. They will each have a speed of over 15 knots, a bollard pull of 145 tonnes, a helicopter deck, chemical tanks, an explosion-proof safety and container cargo hold, and oil collection equipment such as skimmers, oil-holding tanks, and a separation room.

The two response vessels will each be powered by gas-electric propulsion systems based on four medium-speed Bergen B36:45L6AG units from Rolls-Royce, each delivering 3,600 kW. The engines will be fitted with gas protection to enable them to continue operating even in explosive and toxic environments.

The engine power output will be adjusted in relation to the amount of contaminated gas in the intake air. The more gas there is in the intake air of the engine, the less gas fuel is fed to the engine via the gas control valves, and if the gas volume is too high, special quick-acting flaps will shut off the intake of gas and air and the engine will come to a stop.

The two vessels are scheduled to be delivered in 2023 and 2024, respectively. By the end of 2020, a decision will be made by WSV as to whether a third identical vessel should be built.

The Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute provided the design of the vessels.

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