Oil spill off Louisiana coast

Oil washed ashore following a separate spill off Louisiana in 2010

The US Coast Guard and local partners are monitoring clean-up efforts following an oil spill near Breton Sound, Sunday.

Coast Guard Sector New Orleans watchstanders received a call Thursday reporting a 19-metre motor vessel hitting the Breton Sound 18 production platform resulting in the spill of an estimated 126 gallons of crude oil from the platform.

A jack-up rig contracted by Lobo Operating was used to pump water through the affected line, securing the source of the leak. Additionally, a drum has been secured below the failed portion of line to catch any further product that may be discharged.

Responders deployed over 300 metres of boom in double layers around the facility to prevent the spill from spreading.

ES&H said it had already recovered approximately 400 litres of oily-water from the incident.

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