Focus on Marine Pollution Control

Focus on Marine Pollution Control

Photo: Marine Spill Response Corporation

As marine pollution continues to be a serious concern worldwide, the technology needed to successfully address it is also continuously evolving, as evidenced by the considerable number of newbuild response vessels entering service.

Oil Spill Response • Rubbish Cleanup • Recovery Equipment • Marine Environment • Water Quality Management

For this week, we take a closer look at cleanup and waste transport vessels in the UK, a debris clearing boat deployed in Indonesia, and a formerly laid-up oil spill response vessel operated by the Thai government. All are carefully designed and durably built for some of the most demanding yet sometimes overshadowed activities within the maritime industry.

Readers of Baird Maritime will be pleased to know that marine pollution control, particularly the unique vessels and systems built for the role, will continue to be covered in these pages.

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COLUMN | Good news: salvage work on FSO Safer underway, Heroic Idun crew arrive home, Nigerian central bank governor arrested! [Offshore Accounts]

– “No maintenance has been performed on the vessel for seven years and the FSO’s structural integrity is now potentially compromised, posing a substantial threat of a huge oil spill in the Red Sea.”

– by Hieronymus Bosch, Baird Maritime‘s anonymous insider in the world of offshore oil and gas operations

COLUMN | An awful lot of garbage [Grey Power]

– “Maybe if enough people feel ashamed of such pollution there might be some action, but one shouldn’t hold one’s breath.”

– by Michael Grey, former long-term editor of Lloyd’s List

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  • Gear – Latest innovations and technology in the pollution recovery sector
  • Interviews – Owners, operators, builders, designers etc.
  • Reminiscences – Do you have any exciting, amusing or downright dangerous anecdotes from your time in the marine pollution recovery world? (example here)
  • Other – Any other relevant news

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