Wave-piercing pilot boats en route to Denmark

Baltic Workboats is delivering ten 15-metre wave-piercing pilot boats to Denmark pilots stations. 

It is part of an order of 11 boats for the Saaremaa-based shipbuilder.

The aluminium hull of the pilot boats is reinforced to withstand light ice conditions – 30 centimetres of crushed ice or five centimetres of solid ice at speed of five knots.  

The deliveries come shortly after Baltic Workboats announced it was building two 24-metre patrol/search and rescue vessels for the Romanian Marine Rescue organisation ARSVOM.

The self-righting vessels are designed for all weather conditions and can accommodate 44 passengers. 

Powered by Volvo engines that produce 551kW and reach a top speed of 25 knots, the vessels also have fire-fighting capabilities, a five rigid-hulled inflatable boat on the aft slipway, helicopter platform for winching and capability for an eight-tonne bollard pull.

The vessels will be delivered in mid-2018.

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