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Photo: Safehaven Marine
Photo: Safehaven Marine

The ever-important marine pilotage industry continues to provide sterling service in many ports worldwide. This week, Baird Maritime takes a closer look at three new pilot boats recently delivered to operators in Canada, France, and the United States.

As with other sectors in the maritime industry, marine pilotage is always ready to improvise and adapt with changing time. One indication of this is an upcoming project involving the incorporation of a new type of electric foiling system on pilot boats serving Belfast Harbour in the UK. The important details of this project will be explained in a feature article to be released later this week, and so readers are encouraged to visit these pages regularly.

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– "The goal of the project is to determine whether the company's electric foiling solution can help decarbonise marine pilotage operations, beginning with such operations in Belfast Harbour."

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– "If anyone can find a solution, it is probably the pilots themselves since they are most familiar with the problems and have the most to gain."

– by Alan Loynd, master mariner and former General Manager of the Hong Kong Salvage and Towage company

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