Remote-controlled fireboat unveiled

Robert Allan Ltd and Kongsberg Maritime have unveiled a remote-operated fireboat that they hope will allow first responders to attack dangerous port fires more aggressively and safer than ever before.

The un-crewed fireboat will offer in-close firefighting and “eye in the fire” capability that keeps firefighting professionals out of harm’s way.

In effect, fires involving containers, petrochemicals, shore-side structures or vessels can be attacked more quickly in situations where toxic smoke or explosion risk may delay or prevent manned assets from responding effectively.

The first in the series, a 20-metre version, will be equipped with FiFi 1 capability with a total pumping capacity of 2,400 cubic metres per hour with optional foam.

A retractable mast can bring one of the three monitors to a high point of attack for shipboard or dock fires.

A range of auto functions is planned for firefighting, including dynamic positioning, water spray target holding, and “line protection” where the vessel automatically moves back and forth along a line while directing protective spray cover on shore structures or vessels threatened by a fire.

A low-profile design also makes it possible to attack under-wharf and marina fires remotely.

Kongsberg said if a burning vessel poses a threat to its surroundings, the concept can be used to tow it a safe distance by means of its Grapnel Emergency Towing (GET) system.

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