AWARDS 2021 | Best Medium Fifi Boat – Thor – Kewatec AluBoat

Best Medium Fifi Boat – Thor (Photo: Kewatec Aluboat)

Best Medium Fifi Boat – Thor – Kewatec AluBoat

Fast growing Finnish builder of fine aluminium boats, Kewatec AluBoat is gaining increasing numbers of particularly government orders from all over Europe. This very innovative and versatile fireboat for the Lucerne Fire Brigade in Switzerland is a typical example of the company’s very high quality work.

The boat has been built to perform and to last. It is certain to do so very well.

“It is a very well-balanced combination between technical demands and possible technical solutions for this size of vessel,” Kewatec told Baird Maritime. “The project team kept an open approach to new ideas and solutions throughout the build.”

The builder said the main challenge in construction was the inability of the customer to personally inspect the vessel at the yard due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. This issue was overcome through the sharing of photos and videos with the customer online as the build progressed.

“This way of communication was adopted throughout the project, and today we can consider it as our ‘new normal’.”

When asked about the trends that currently have the greatest impact on shipbuilding, Kewatec pointed out preferences for lower-emission propulsion alternatives as among the most notable examples.

“The demand for IMO Tier III-compliant solutions requires new designs. Hybrid drivetrains and even fully electric drivetrains will also impact the industry.”

The builder also mentioned life cycle cost, life cycle assessment, and growing demand for military and paramilitary vessels as equally vital factors. When referring to the Scandinavian workboat industry specifically, cooperation will become increasingly important, even between shipyards that are separated by national borders.

“For the marine firefighting sector, we will see greater numbers of such vessels that will also be designed to take on other related roles such as search and rescue, patrol, and even crew transfer.”

The year 2021 was a year of good business for Kewatec despite the lingering pandemic.

“We achieved our highest ever orderbook figures that year,” the builder told Baird Maritime. “Also, our merger with former competitor Weldmec Marine led to us enjoying a much stronger global presence as well as visibility in previously unexplored market segments. Growth, we feel, is therefore inevitable.”

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