AWARDS 2022 | Best Landing Craft – Offshore – Ros Aine – Chartwell Marine

Best Landing Craft – Offshore – Ros Aine (Photo: ICCB)

Best Landing Craft – Offshore – Ros Aine – Chartwell Marine

Chartwell Marine is rapidly becoming known globally for its innovative and imaginative workboats. This landing craft is no exception.

A multi-purpose boat, she can do amazing things. She is an all-aluminium, diesel outboard-powered landing craft with comfortable, secure accommodation enhancing her capabilities.

“The design is a very versatile platform,” Andy Page, Chartwell Marine’s Managing Director, told Baird Maritime. “It can work as a landing craft or a crewboat. Her sister vessel, CRC Walrus, has been developed as an amphibious vessel working on a wind farm that is inaccessible by conventional boat at low tide.”

Page added that Covid travel restrictions meant that the Chartwell Marine team was unable to personally inspect the vessel as it was being built in Ireland. Nonetheless, the experience working with the builder was a positive one, and so Chartwell looks forward to possible collaborations in the future.

“The transition to alternative fuels and energy sources is shaping vessel design and build,” said Page. “Hull forms are changing, and engineering decision-making methods have been re-shaped. Regulator and industry collaboration is also critical as we transition to new alternative energy sources.”

When asked about the future of the British workboat industry, Page replied that the industry’s strong heritage, including both long-term and recent history, will continue to be a significant factor.

“We have great technology, great design capability, and a strong understanding of marine engineering practices,” he told Baird Maritime. “We therefore need to support our shipbuilders to encourage apprentices to sign up, and to support schools and universities to educate more people and encourage them into joining the marine industry. Innovation funding is helping with this, but we must do more to level up skills throughout the supply chain.”

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