Rock Lighthouses of Britain

Author: Christopher Nicholson
Publisher: Whittles Publishing
Published: 2006

From Baird Maritime:

For some strange reason lighthouses have a great ability to fascinate people – mariners and landsmen and women alike.

This fine book not only captures the subject lighthouses with excellent photographs of them as they currently stand but with excellent old illustrations and accurate drawings from when they were built.

These days of GPS, radar and other electronic aids are seeing the demise of lighthouses in their traditional roles. De-manning is the order of the day almost everywhere.

Fortunately, in Britain and elsewhere, lighthouses were generally well built. Thanks to the widespread fascination with them, many are being well preserved.

This book brilliantly describes some of the most interesting lighthouses in the world.

Ordering Information:

Whittles Publishing
Dunbeath, Scotland

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