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Best Pollution Removal Landing Craft – Solander Sentinel
Best Pollution Removal Landing Craft – Solander Sentinel

This very impressive, fast and versatile landing craft is intended for oil spill and other pollution response and removal. It demonstrates all the usual fine features of William E. Munson Company's boats in terms of innovation, utility, versatility, reliability and economy.

Also, in terms of its equipment, it has the best of everything currently available. Unusually and very impressively, for an American shipyard, this boat is for an export order against presumably strong Canadian competition.

Solander Sentinel was designed and built primarily to respond to oil spill incidents in the waters off the British Columbia coastline. It is capable of transporting personnel and oil spill response equipment such as containment booms, skimmers, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and even aerial drones for site surveillance work.

Compact size, a shallow draught, and the ability to "beach" make the landing craft ideal for work in remote coastal areas lacking in port infrastructure while two 560kW engines deliver a top speed of 35 knots, providing quick response capability for the operator. This capability enables WCMRC to mitigate the potential impact of oil spills before they can cause irreparable damage to the surrounding marine environment.

As with the other new vessels in the WCMRC fleet, the hull and other exterior surfaces on the newbuild are coated in a long-term branded wrap film solution with a gloss overlaminate. This combined coating helps ensure the long-term protection of the hull under a wide range of environmental conditions, assuring the operator of a long service life and reduced maintenance requirements.

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