Pioneers of the Pacific – Voyages of Exploration, 1787 – 1810

Author: Nigel Rigby, Pieter van der Merwe and Glyn Williams
Publisher: UWA Press
Published: 2006

From Baird Maritime:

While Britain's National Maritime Museum at Greenwich may, unfortunately, have been "dumbed down" in its presentations to its visitors, its scholarship and publications are still first rate.

This excellent little book is a typical example. It reviews the six main successors to James Cook and their voyages that took place following the completion of the American War of Independence in 1783.

The book encompasses the explorations of Arthur Phillip, Comte de Lapérouse, William Bligh, Alejandro Malaspina, George Vancouver and Matthew Flinders. They effectively opened the southern Indo-Pacific region.

Beautifully illustrated with maps, charts, drawings and paintings, this work puts these six vitally important explorers into perspective. It includes a very clear and useful timeline that helps immeasurably in this respect.

An important and useful addition to the body of histories of the region.

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