The Fjords names hybrid tourist vessel

The Fjords names hybrid tourist vessel

The Fjords, an operator of tourist ships in the Western Norwegian fjords, has named the latest addition to its fleet – the ‘Vision of The Fjords’.

The vessel is a 40-metre long hybrid craft expected to be launched in June.

The ‘Vision of The Fjords’ is built from carbon fibre, has a 400-passenger capacity, and will voyage along the UNESCO World Heritage listed Nærøyfjord in Western Norway.

Its dual-fuel solution allows it to run diesel engines up to the entrance of the protected Nærøyfjord, where it then switches to silent running, emission free electric power.

In addition, the vessel features a special hull designed to minimise wake and thus reduce impact erosion on the area’s shoreline.

‘Vision of The Fjords’ is currently being constructed by shipbuilder Brødrene Aa, which will complete the 90 million NOK (US$10 million) project in less than a year from its original order date.