VESSEL REVIEW | Ferry Rokko – Second 194m Ro-Pax for Miyazaki Car Ferry

Photo: Yoshimoto

Japanese operator Miyazaki Car Ferry has taken delivery of the final one of two large Ro-Pax vessels ordered from local shipyard Naikai Zosen Corporation.

Named after an artificial island just off the Port of Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture, Ferry Rokko joins earlier sister Ferry Takachiho in replacing two 1997-built ferries in the owner’s fleet. Some of the funding for the construction of the two newbuilds was provided by the Miyazaki prefecture government and the Regional Economy Vitalisation Corporation of Japan (REVIC), a Japanese government-sponsored private lending body.

The new ferry has a length of 194 metres, a beam of 27.6 metres, a draught of 6.7 metres, a gross tonnage of 14,200, and capacity for 576 passengers and 1,972 lane metres of freight split across two decks. The vehicle cargo will typically consist of 81 cars and 160 trailers and will be loaded via ramp doors at the stern and the forward port side near the bow.


Power is provided by two JFE-SEMT Pielstick 12PC2-6B diesel engines driving controllable-pitch propellers to deliver a maximum speed of 23 knots. An anti-roll stabiliser ensures more comfortable sailings while two bow thrusters provide enhanced manoeuvrability in close quarters. With the aid of a hull shape featuring a spherical bow and stern catamarans, the propulsion arrangement is able to deliver improvements in both performance and seaworthiness.

The ferry has a slightly reduced passenger capacity compared to the ships it has replaced. However, it is fitted with improvements such as a more streamlined hull shape, SOx filters, larger passenger cabins, and a 100 per cent increase in trailer capacity.

The passenger cabin options include premium two- and three-person staterooms, first class double and quadruple cabins, single cabins, and dormitory-style spaces with multiple berths in each. There are also separate cabins for lorry drivers and cabins for passengers traveling with pets. The crew accommodations are meanwhile situated on a separate deck.

Passengers have access to facilities including a restaurant, a retail shop, public bath areas, and indoor and outdoor promenades. For emergencies, the ferry is also fitted with liferafts and a semi-rigid MOB boat.

Ferry Rokko has already begun operational sailings on the 494 kilometres between the cities of Miyazaki and Kobe, the sole route served by its owner.

Photo: Yoshimoto

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Ferry Rokko
Type of vessel:Ro-Pax ferry
Owner:Miyazaki Car Ferry, Japan
Builder:Naikai Zosen Corporation, Japan
Length overall:194 metres
Beam:27.6 metres
Draught:6.7 metres
Gross tonnage:14,200
Capacity:1,972 metres
Main engines:2 x JFE-SEMT Pielstick 12PC2-6B
Propulsion:2 x controllable-pitch propellers
Maximum speed:23 knots
Other equipment installed:SOx filters; anti-roll stabiliser
Type of fuel:Diesel
Accommodation:Cabins; restaurant; retail shop; public baths; promenades
Operational area:Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

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