OBITUARY | Kevin Noonan, Marine Manager of Gallagher Insurance Brokers

Kevin Noonan, Marine Manager of Gallagher Insurance Brokers, died last Friday, December 30, aged 88.

Mr Noonan was a Marine Underwriter in Australia for most of his working life. Known among close friends as a man of incredible foresight, he was responsible for the insurance of many high-speed vehicle and passenger ferries built in Australia. He was also instrumental in the insurance of all defence craft built in Australia, including the Collins-class submarines.

Mr Noonan was the lead insurer of all the port and terminal authorities in Australia and the South Pacific region. He was also the first insurer in Australia to insure the construction of marinas. He also insured the Floating Hotel and Fantasy Island that were once based at Brewer Reef off Townsville as well as some other unique marine structures, notably acquaculture fish pens.

Mr Noonan had also served as Australia’s representative to the International Union of Marine Insurance.

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