Norwegian operator to prohibit carriage of electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles on coastal routes

The Havila Kystruten-operated coastal ferry Havila Capella (Photo: Tersan Shipyard)

Norwegian shipping company Havila Kystruten has decided to allow only cars and motor vehicles that run on fossil fuels to be transported as vehicle cargo on its vessels in selected ports along coastal routes.

Havila had earlier requested an external assessment regarding the transport of cars and motor vehicles on board the company’s coastal route ships. Business consultancy Proactima carried out the risk analysis, and Havila has decided to only allow motor vehicles that use fossil fuels in selected ports along the routes, meaning that electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered cars cannot be transported on board the company’s vessels.

Havila Kystruten CEO Bent Martini said the conclusion of the risk analysis shows that a possible fire in fossil fuel-powered vehicles could be handled by the systems and crew on the company’s ships, whereas any fire in electric, hybrid, or hydrogen-powered cars will require external rescue efforts and could put people on board as well as the vessels themselves at risk.

Mr Martini added that Havila Kystruten will continue to work on solutions that can minimise the risk of transporting these types of vehicles in the future.

Havila Kystruten’s ships are equipped with their own battery packs installed in accordance with current fire safety requirements. This means that the batteries are separated into isolated and fireproof rooms with specific fire protection systems.

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