Grimaldi Ro-Pax strikes Tirrenia ship in rough weather in Sardinia port

Image:, Jinsoo
Image:, Jinsoo – Cruise Bonaria A

A Ro-Pax vessel collided with a ship berthed at Olbia Port in Sardinia on January 24.

Grimaldi Lines’ Cruise Bonaria (pictured) was exiting the harbour under tug assistance when it struck the Tirrenia-operated Ro-Pax Athara at around 12:00 local time.

The collision left Athara’s port bridge wing seriously damaged. Cruise Bonaria, however, was reportedly unscathed.

Rough weather reportedly caused the Grimaldi crew to lose control of their vessel, resulting in the collision despite the assistance of tugs.

Cruise Bonaria continued sailing out of Sardinia following the incident while Athara has since then remained in port.

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