GEAR | Cummins to power upcoming Turkey/Norway diesel-electric-battery ferry

GEAR | Cummins to power upcoming Turkey/Norway diesel-electric-battery ferry

Basto VII

With a rugged coastline and many fjords to cross, Norway has become a world leader in progressive ferry design. Turkey, with a skilled work force and broad marine experience has become a leader in ferry construction. Put the two together and you have the teamwork that results in the Basto series of Ro-Ro ferries.

The latest in the class, Basto VII, to be launched in December of 2019, will have at its heart, four Cummins QSK50 IMO Tier III diesel-powered generator sets, two in each end and each producing 1290 kWm.

The electrical system will power motors mounted atop two 360 degree electrically driven azimuth thrusters, one in each end of the ferry. These motor are turning Kongsberg AZP100-L-CP-F TME22 azipull drives.

“Combined with the proven high propulsive and hydrodynamic efficiency of the Azipull this will be a winning combination, especially as there is a further small gain in mechanical efficiency by eliminating the upper gearbox,” said Kongsberg.

“Space requirements in the thruster room are reduced because the new thruster is compact, the PM motor lying within the diameter of the mounting flange giving a small footprint and avoiding the complication of a coupling and foundations for the separate motor of a conventional Z or C drive electric configuration.”

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