Danish electric ferry completes maiden voyage

Photo: Danfoss

The electric Ro-Pax ferry Ellen has completed its maiden voyage by sailing 22 nautical miles between the cities of Søby and Fynshav south of Funen in Denmark, the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) said in a recent press release.

The vessel has a 4.3MWh battery package and capacity for 200 passengers and up to 30 vehicles. It is scheduled to enter full operational service within the third quarter of 2019.

The DMA claims Ellen is the first ferry in the world to hold a battery package with enough energy for both its ordinary operation as well as emergencies.

Switzerland-based Leclanche, which supplied Ellen‘s battery package, said that operation of the ferry for one whole year could reduce emissions of CO2, particulates, and sulphur dioxide by as much as 2,000 tonnes, 2.5 tonnes, and 1.4 tonnes, respectively.

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