Noah’s Ark crashes in Norway

A 70-metre “replica” of Noah’s Ark has collided with a Norwegian Coast Guard patrol vessel in Oslo, damaging both ships.

The ‘Ark’ was being towed into Oslo harbour when it hit a crane on the patrol vessel, ‘Nornen’. The crane snapped and a large hole was left on the ‘Ark’.

The wooden and steel ‘Ark’ was the result of seven years of work for Dutch carpenter, Johan Huibers. He reportedly began planning the vessel after dreaming of “a great rain” that flooded his hometown.

The Washington Post reported that the vessel had been about to set sail for Rio de Janeiro before the Paralympic games in September.

“Of course we are shocked and we don’t know how it will be fixed yet. We hope to get some answers in the next coming days,” the ‘Ark’s’ team said via its website.