Puget Sound Express launches whale watching catamaran


Saratoga, the newest member of Puget Sound Express’s whale watching fleet, is a 22-metre aluminium catamaran vessel designed by Teknicraft Design in New Zealand and built in the US.

The catamaran has two asymmetrical semi-planing hulls and an adjustable aluminium midship hydrofoil plus two aluminium aft foils, which allow the boat to achieve top speeds of over 40 knots with low wake wash.

This design, coupled with finely-tuned, wave-piercing sickle bows, enables the boat to travel through both calm and rough water at full cruising speed while keeping underwater noise to a minimum.

The vessel also utilises Hamilton Jet Drive control systems with four HJ364 water jets and MECS control systems, for increased manoeuvrability as well as fuel efficiency at higher speeds.

The vessel is powered by four Scania D16 engines fit with carbon fibre drive shafts to save weight.

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