Gondan Shipyard to construct a cat for Naviera Nabia

Spanish ship builder, Gondan Shipyard and ferry operator Naviera Nabia have signed a newbuilding contract for a 250-passenger-capacity catamaran.

The new catamaran will operate passenger routes near the Ria of Vigo, an estuary in Galacia, Spain.

The new vessel will be built using glass reinforced polyester and will have capacity for 250 passengers at a cruising speed up to 15 knots, reaching its maximum speed at 20 knots.

The 24 by eight-metre catamaran is expected to have a range up to 750 miles.

The ferry has been designed by Isenaval, a ship design company from Vigo, and will have an “optimised hull” that is supposed to reduce seasickness by lessening vertical acceleration.