Fishing and seafood industries a strong part of US coastal economy: NOAA

Commercial fishing and the seafood industry in the United States generated more than US$153 billion in sales in 2014, according to a new economic report released by NOAA Fisheries.

The report, Fisheries Economics of the United States 2014, said the commercial fishing and seafood industry including imports generated US$153 billion in sales in 2014, an eight per cent increase from 2013, and supported 1.39 million jobs such as harvesters, processors, dealers, wholesalers and retailers.

Domestic harvest without imports produced US$54 billion in sales, a figure similar to 2013, and supported 811,000 jobs across the broader national economy.

“Commercial and recreational fishing make a significant impact on the US economy,” said Eileen Sobeck, assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries.

“As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, it’s fitting that we continue to improve our understanding of these valuable marine sectors in order to guide science-based management. This ensures both sustainable fish populations and economic opportunities for those involved in the commercial, recreational, and seafood industries.”