Tanzania’s Azam Marine orders Australian-designed catamaran ferry

Australian company Incat Crowther has been awarded a contract to design a new catamaran ferry for Tanzania operator Azam Marine.

Kilimanjaro VIII will be the eleventh Incat Crowther-designed ferry to be built for Azam Marine. It will also be larger with an increased passenger capacity compared to its 2019-built sister, Kilimanjaro VII.

The newer ferry will feature a parallel boarding system, whereby five ramps on either side of the vessel will be able to load passengers and cargo in segregated flows. VIP and business class passengers will board into a discreet stair tower directly to the upper deck cabin, whilst economy passengers will load separately aft and amidships.

A fifth ramp will be dedicated to luggage trolley movements.

Incat Crowther said this boarding system will ensure passenger classes and luggage trolleys remain separated, reducing turnaround time and improving safety, whilst providing exclusivity for premium passengers.

The new design will seat 340 passengers in its main deck economy cabin whilst the mid-deck cabin will accommodate 36 VIP passengers and 12 business class passengers in full lie-flat seats. The remainder of the mid-deck will accommodate 266 economy passengers.

The luggage room can house up to 10 tonnes of luggage and cargo.

The ferry, which will also have IMO HSC code-compliant stability, will be powered by two Cummins QSK95-M main engines. Incat Crowther has claimed that the large twin engine solution will be an effective way of providing more speed and low fuel burn whilst avoiding the through-life cost and complexity of a four-engine power train.

Kilimanjaro VIII will be built by Richardson Devine Marine of Tasmania.

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