Several injured after alleged collision between hydrofoil ferry and whale in Sea of Japan

Image: Asahi Shimbun
Image: Asahi Shimbun

Several passengers on a hydrofoil ferry were injured after the vessel they were riding in reportedly struck a whale in the Sea of Japan on Saturday, March 9.

Ferry operator Sado Steam Ship said in a statement that the company’s high-speed hydrofoil Ginga collided with a form of “marine life” while sailing from Niigata to Sado Island.

The impact rocked the vessel violently and caused passengers to be thrown about, injuring more than 80.

Ginga sustained no visible damage and was eventually able to sail to Sado Island under its own power, albeit an hour behind schedule.

Thirteen people suffered serious injuries and were rushed to hospital shortly after the ferry reached its intended destination.

The operator has since issued a formal apology over the incident.

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