Russian engineers working on 110-knot WIG craft

A team of Russian developers has been working on the creation of a multi-purpose, sea-going “ekranoplan”, designed to contribute significantly to the speed of seaborne traffic.

Engineers at RDC Aqualines will provide a concept, basic and production design, as well as engineering, construction and commissioning of the multipurpose sea-going, wing-in-ground effect (WIG) craft. The EP-15-class ekranoplan will have a length of 16.5 metres, displacement of 5.5 tonnes and capacity for 15 people.

The EP-15 will be designed for high-speed cargo and passenger transport and search and rescue duties at an operational speed of up to 110 knots, on 50- to 300-kilometre-long sea routes, in seven- to 10-knot wind conditions.

The ekranoplan does not require any dedicated infrastructure and certification is carried out according to Russian Maritime Register of Shipping rules.

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