Refurbished Celestina resumes service in Gulf of Naples

Alilauro, part of the Group, has completed the refurbishment of the single-hull Celestina, as part of plans to modernise its fleet.

Celestina is a 35-metre, 400-passenger vessel, built in Singapore in 1989. After a 10-month refit at Maritecnica Shipyard, also part of, it resumed service from Naples to Ischia, the largest island in the Gulf of Naples.

After an investment of around €2 million, the new Celestina has a new pair of MTU 1,400 kW engines, new interior fittings and reduced noise levels.

“It is not a product but a project” said Holding President Salvatore Lauro. “This is an important step in a direction we have clearly defined: to bring comfort, cleanliness, safety and information on board our units to the best levels of air and rail transport. In fact the Celestina refitting has been designed around the needs of the user and Alilauro’s crew: more comfort, more sustainability and better accessibility”.

Giovanni Grande

Giovanni is Baird Maritime's correspondent in Naples