Passenger ferry for NYC Ferries arrives in New York


A 350-passenger ferry has been delivered by Metal Shark to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for final installations and testing before being delivered to its operator, Hornblower.

Ocean Queen Rockstar is the first of six higher-capacity boats that are outfitted with larger engines and substantially more seating on the top and bottom decks to accommodate more passengers than the company's current fleet.

The vessel completed a mandatory sea trial to ensure it is fit for service before journeying 2,200 nautical miles from the Gulf Coast to New York Harbor earlier this week.

Prior to going into service, Ocean Queen Rockstar is undergoing final installations, modifications and testing. The boat will join the 16-vessel fleet currently operating across four routes at the end of July.

The introduction of larger vessels to the NYC Ferry fleet is in response to unexpected ridership demand the system experienced during its inaugural year.

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